Amkeni 2016 #2: Dry-Milling and the TCB

Welcome back to my little report about Matthias‘ Amkeni-visit 2016. I went to Tanzania to meet and work with the farmers at Amkeni an also to understand how coffee production is organised in Tanzania. This post is about my second day which was taking me to Moshi were a lot of coffee institutions are situated. Our stations today were several dry-milling factories and the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB). Godwin and me were accompanied by Mr Kimaro, the treasurer of Amkeni.

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Day one of Matthias‘ Amkeni-visit 2016

Hi and welcome to my little report about day one of Matthias‘ Amkeni-visit 2016. This is to document his origin trip to the Amkeni Coffee Group in Tanzania from September 1st to 9th 2016. Amkeni is our first direct trade project in a larger scale and we have been buying their coffees for 2 consecutive harvests now. Read about it here and here. It is definitely time to start working with the farmers, match our goals and get to know each other.

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Amkeni 2016 – Tansania

IMG_0602Es ist soweit. Der Amkeni 2016 ist bei uns angekommen!

Erster Direktimport – das zweite Jahr

Seit dem letzten Jahr beziehen wir mit dem Kaffee der Amkeni Coffee Group unseren ersten Direktimport im größeren Stil. Wir sind froh und erleichtert, dass wir das Projekt auch in diesem Jahr stemmen konnten.  „Amkeni 2016 – Tansania“ weiterlesen