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    At a glance

    • Taste: Tangy, berry
    • Flavors: rosehip, grapefruit, hibiscus (filter), black currant, persimmon (espresso)
    • Process: Washed
    • SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
    • Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya
    • Importer: Interamerican Coffee

    Harvest: 10.2021 - 01.2022


    This coffee is an outstanding example of the current gold standard of Kenyan coffees. Its lively acid structure is reminiscent of rosehip, grapefruit and hibiscus, rounded out by a subtle berry sweetness. With this coffee, we present again this year an outstanding coffee with a classic Kenyan profile. 


    The Konyu Washing Station is located in the Kirinyaga region near the southwestern foothills of the Mount Kenya massif. This is where the more than 800 micro-farmers belonging to the Kabare Cooperative Society have their harvest processed. Only water from the nearby Konyu River is used for this purpose. The coffee is then dried.

    More about the country of origin Kenya, which has a young coffee history, but today already grows one of the most popular and highest quality coffees in the world, you can read in our article about coffee from Kenya in the blog >>


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