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The Frankfurt-based pottery Hartmud Studio produces unique handmade ceramics, which we have been using for our coffee and cake service since 2017; and as an official hartmud reseller, we offer you access to the signature shapes LOTUS Cappu, TANK Latte and FAE Espresso. This means you can buy our coffee online and enjoy it at home just as much as you can at our café in Frankfurt.

The Hartmud quality promise says it all - and we can confirm: Provided by Nature, i.e. exclusively German clay and natural materials, thus food safe and dishwasher safe.

Handmade to be unique, i.e. thanks to artisanal techniques, each piece is unique with characteristic irregularities as the signature of the craftsmen.

Born in volcanic heat, i.e. hartmud pottery is fired at over 1200°C and you get real stoneware for maximum longevity and robustness.

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Latte-Cup by Hartmud Studio
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