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Acaia Pearl S Digital Scale


    Next generation: The Acaia Pearl S is here!
    The ACAIA PEARL S BLACK  is a digital scale with the highest precision, ideal for every barista! We have been working with it for a while and are not only thrilled by the chic design, the functionality of the Acaia Pearl S scale is also convincing:

    • Weighs to the nearest tenth of a gram, from 0.1g to 2kg
    • Extremely fast response time of only 20 milliseconds
    • Also controllable with smartphone app (Android & iOS)
    • Integrated stopwatch in the display and in the app
    • Integrated rechargeable battery can be easily recharged via USB cable
    • Compact size of 160x160x32mm
    • Suitable for the preparation of filter coffee and espresso

    Whether you want to weigh out the portafilter or brew filter coffee, both are no problem! You can control and monitor the preparation not only via the high-contrast LED display, but also via smartphone app with the Acaia Pearl S digital scale with Bluetooth. New with the Pearl S: Via a designated app, the individual steps of your brew can now also be displayed on the improved LED display of the scale. The automatic switch-off can also be set. We love our Acaia Pearl S, black like our coffee.

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