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    At a glance

    • Taste: Tea-like, floral
    • Flavors: lemon, black tea
    • Process: Washed
    • Variety: Local Heirloom
    • Origin: Guji Uraga, Ethiopia
    • Importer: Belco, France

    Harvest: 11.20 - 12.2020

    Certified organic coffee:
    DE-ÖKO-039 from non-EU farming [Ethiopia]


    The tea-like, floral and citrus profile of washed coffees from Ethiopia is one of the classic profiles of Specialty Coffee that we love so much. In Tabe Burka, we find particularly pronounced floral notes and a special sweetness that reminds us of ripe lemons. 

As is common in most regions of Ethiopia, the coffee plants grow in forest gardens where they are embedded in a dynamic and lively nature. A special role is played by the so-called enset trees (ornamental bananas), which, in addition to their richness in nutrients, ensure better watering of the soil and provide shade & moisture for the coffee plants. The latter feature in particular favours the coffee plants' resistance to drier periods.

The mix of an intact ecosystem & the special variety mix in the Guji region gives us this special coffee!

    You can learn more about the special nature of coffee from Ethiopia

    on our blog.


    This coffee comes from the Uraga District, which belongs to the Guji Zone. Coffee from the Guji Zone is also one of the best known among Ethiopian coffees. This is mainly due to the method of cultivation in forest gardens and the fertile soils of the Ethiopian highlands. In the Uraga region, there is also a special mix of varieties that often produces yellow cherries. The farmers in the region call these coffees "Wallagga". The coffee itself is produced and harvested by micro-farmers living 10-20km from the Tabe Burka washing station. Typical for Ethiopia, the farmers often have only a few coffee plants. Therefore, they bring their harvested cherries to the washing station, where they are sorted, washed and processed together with the harvest of the other farmers. The Tabe Burka Washing Station near the village of Suke Worketa is run by the exporter "Barkume". Barkume works with over 700 farmers at its 4 washing stations, whose coffee is processed collectively. The coffee finally reached us via the importer Belco.

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