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    At a glance

    • Flavour: Fruity, tangy, complex
    • Aroma: Marajuca, Toffee
    • Process: Honey Anaerobic
    • Variety: Caturra
    • Origin: Acatenango, Guatemala
    • Importer: The GuatLab / Truth Trading Company, Guatemala

    Harvest: 01 - 02.21


    Coffees that have been processed anaerobically stand for exceptional flavour profiles. Monte de Oro from Guatemala, which has been processed as Anaerobic Honey, also keeps this promise.

    Put simply, anaerobic processing adds complexity to the coffee and emphasises the flavour characteristics of the variety, the terroir, etc. The result is that coffees of the Monte de Oro from Guatemala are more complex than those of other coffees. Caturra coffees from Guatemala are generally known for their clear, light and tea-like character with a hint of fruity aromas, such as Santa Isabel, which is also currently in our range. Monte de Oro, another Caturra from Guatemala, on the other hand, is much more intense, clearly fruity, tangier and reminds us of exotic fruits such as passion fruit or kumquat. 

    There are two terms behind the preparation "Anaerobic Honey".
    In the traditional honey process, the outer layers of the coffee cherry are removed and the beans are further processed with the remaining sugary layers (the so-called mucilage).
    In anaerobic processing, the coffee beans are fermented in a low- to no-oxygen environment and then dried. This can either happen to the whole fruit (Anaerobic Natural) or only to parts of the coffee cherry (Anaerobic Honey).
    The addition of honey therefore describes more precisely how the processing takes place in this case.

    You can find out more about the background to anaerobic processing on our blog.


    The Finca Monte de Oro is located in the Acatenango Valley, in the middle of the Balam Juyu Mountains in southern Guatemala.

    Mario Alarcon Mendelez is a fifth-generation coffee farmer. In 2008, he took over the management of the farm from his mother, who had been running it successfully until then. Since then, Mario has mainly improved the processing methods of the farm and gained a very good reputation in the Specialty Coffee world. He focuses mainly on the production of naturals and honeys, but also experiments with innovative processing methods (as with our coffee).
    In addition to his work as a farmer, Mario runs an export company for specialty coffee from Guatemala called "The GuatLab" together with Christian Starry. We have already purchased Santa Isabel from Guatemala through this exporter and are now pleased to have a coffee from Mario himself in our portfolio.  

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