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    At a glance

    • Taste: Fruity, sweet
    • Flavors: chocolate, dried fig
    • Process: Washed // Sugar Cane Decaf
    • Variety: Castillo
    • Origin: Cauca, Colombia

    Harvest: 01.22-05.22


    Not your regular Decaf: Chévere is a decaf coffee that doesn't have to hide and shows you how good Decaf can taste. Through the careful and natural so-called Sugar Cane decaffeination process, particularly many flavors remain in the coffee. In this process, the processed coffee beans are first steamed with water to open the pores. The solvent ethyl acetate is then used - a substance obtained from abundant sugar cane. The beans are bathed in this solvent, mixed with water, until the caffeine has been dissolved out. The natural flavor aromas of the coffee are thus almost completely preserved. Thus, we come to enjoy this special decaf with exciting notes of chocolate and dried fig.



    The ASCAFE Association represents nearly 4000 coffee farmers* in southern Colombia. In addition to representing the economic interests of the farmers, the Association's main focus is to share agro-economic knowledge and experience among the farmers in order to increase both the profitability and the quality of their harvests. In the medium term, ASCAFE wants to help the farmers it represents to make the transition to sustainable agriculture. ASCAFE also strives to be part of the social change that is happening around coffee production. The association supports numerous social projects, including promoting women in coffee farming, protecting the coffee cultivation of indigenous groups, and offering former FARC guerrillas a path to a peaceful life. For a little context on the social situation around Colombian coffee farming, check out our blog article!

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