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    At a glance

    • Taste: Tangy, Fruity-sweet
    • Flavours: kiwi, orange lemonade (filter); guava, apricot (espresso)
    • Process: Washed
    • Variety: Pink Bourbon
    • Origin: Finca Lord Voldemort, Pitalito, Colombia
    • .
    • Importer: Latorre & Dutch, Australia

    Harvest: 12.21


    Our Deiro Garcia coffee is a prime example of a Pink Bourbon from Colombia - a rare variety with a high cup quality. Externally, the variety is easy to distinguish from other varieties because the coffee cherries ripen pink. This special colour is the result of a cross between the Red and Yellow Bourbon varieties, which are much more common. This is because the cross is difficult to breed and maintain, as it is based on a special genetic combination. Successful cultivation rewards all the more with a special, tropically fruity and light cup profile, as well as a higher natural resistance to susceptibilities of the coffee plant, such as coffee rust. More on coffee from Colombia here in the blog.



    The coffee farmer Deiro Garcia, who gives this coffee its name, is one of a young generation of up-and-coming farmers who produce special coffees using innovative cultivation methods and treatment processes. This includes the application of microbiological influences to the taste of a coffee. Deiro also applies this approach to the classic preparation processes. He has improved the washed preparation of our coffee with specially developed bacteria and yeast cultures that are used in the 24-hour fermentation in a water bath. And now to the elephant in the room: why is his finca actually called "Lord Voldemort"? The answer is simple. Deiro is a big Harry Potter fan and so he quickly named his farm after the one whose name must not be mentioned. The insider name for this coffee is therefore also clear: "The coffee whose name must not be mentioned".

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