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[NEW] Filter Discovery Bundle COLOMBIA (Deiro Garcia, San Sebastian, San Gabriel, 3x 250g)

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    In our "Discovery Bundle Colombia" you have the opportunity to taste three coffees of different varieties from Colombia. In this way, you can experience the diversity of flavours of coffee from Colombia, but also the flavours of different varieties. All three coffees are washed preparation. However, the Deiro Garcia is a Pink Bourbon, the San Sebastian a blend of Castillo, Caturra and Variedad Colombia and the San Gabriel an Orange Tabi. In addition to differences in the terroir of the coffees, this is a wonderful way to get to know different varieties and their differences in taste. See for yourself!

    • One country of origin, three coffees
    • 3x 250g coffees
    • washed preparation: Pink Bourbon - Castillo, Caturra, Variedad Colombia - Orange Tabi
    • .


    Colombia is among the top five coffee exporting countries and continues to wow us every year with exciting coffees and diverse preparation methods. This year, we have opted for a more classic processing method and have included three washed coffees from Colombia in our range. We hope you enjoy your little cupping at home with these coffees or brewing them up.

    You can find more information about the individual coffees on the respective product pages.
    This way to the Deiro Garcia.
    This way to San Sebastian.
    And here to the San Gabriel.


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