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    At a glance

    • Texture: Velvety-Light
    • .
    • Flavor: Strawberry Jam, Yogurt (Filter), Strawberry, Cocoa (Espresso)
    • Process: Natural
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Origin: Huye Mountain Area, Rwanda
    • Importer: Falcon Specialty

    Harvest: 03.22-05.22


    This coffee from Rwanda joins the long line of excellent East African naturals that we love so much. It impresses with an opulent sweetness accompanied by tangy, fruity acidity. Although naturals usually tend to be a bit heavier bodied, the Horizon leaves the impression of a velvety, light, fruity, tangy mouthfeel that will remind you of the pleasure of fresh strawberries long after drinking. There he comes just in time for the reawakening of nature in the spring!


    The Horizon Coffee Station is located near the town of Simbi in Rwanda's Southern Province, at the foot of the Huye Mountains. It has been active in its current form since 2019. Nearly one hundred employees, about 70% of whom are female, work at the Coffee Station to process the coffee cherries of about 1200 micro-farmers* from the surrounding area. On average, the farmers manage about 7000 coffee plants each, but the smallest farms have only about 100 plants. In addition to the core business, the Horizon Coffee Station also takes creative side paths, as waste products from coffee cherry processing are used to produce an organic fertilizer that the farmers can purchase from the station!

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