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    At a Glance

    • Balanced, fruity and sweet
    • Flavours: vineyard peach, lime (filter), persimmon, orange, cocoa shell (espresso)
    • Process: Washed
    • Variety: Orange Tabi
    • Origin: Palestina, Huila, Colombia
    • Importer: Rehm & Co, Hamburg

    Harvest: 10.21 - 02.22


    The San Gabriel farm is located in the Huila region at an altitude of 1800 m and is run by Graciela Rodriguez Ospina. Together with the predominantly female staff, she has dedicated herself to the care of the plants with much love and care. Graciela believes that women perform every step of production just as well as their male counterparts, and even often do so with a special degree of affection. This Orange Tabi is an outstanding example of a coffee from the Colombian province of Huila. Typically, coffee in Huila is prepared washed, and this also helps this Orange Tabi to form a clear and clean cup profile. Typical of a Colombian coffee are the tangy fruit acids, whose sublime sweetness interacts with more settled notes of cocoa to create a round and balanced cup. More on coffee from Colombia here in the blog.



    Colombia is one of the most important coffee-producing countries in the world in terms of both quantity and quality. With more than 14 million bags per year, only Brazil and Vietnam produce more coffee; in contrast to the two mentioned, almost exclusively Arabica varieties are cultivated in Colombia. The province of Huila accounts for almost one fifth of Colombia's coffee production, making it the country's largest contributor. Huila has an outstanding reputation as an excellent coffee-growing region, which is also reflected in the annual Cup of Excellence evaluations, where coffees from Huila regularly come out on top.

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