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[NEW] Samii Chelbesa - Äthiopien

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Roast degree
  • Filter Coffee: Our lightest roast. Maximum complexity, no roasted aromas. Ideal for all filter preparations.
  • Light Espresso: Focus is on complexity & aroma. Lively acidity, little roasted aromas. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
  • Dark Espresso: Focus is on balance & body. Low acidity, classic roast. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
Grind size

We are happy to ship our Specialty Coffee as whole beans. If you need the coffee ground, please select the appropriate grind (filter, Aeropress, French Press, portafilter, stovetop pot). If your desired grind is not displayed, please write us a comment.

    • Flavor: black tea, lemonade, elderberry (filter); tangerine, lemon balm (espresso)
    • Process: Washed
    • Variety: Local Heirloom
    • Origin: Gedeb District, Gedeo, Ethiopia
    • Importer: Nordic Approach

    Harvest: 12.22-02.23

  • Washed processed Ethiopian coffees have a reputation for defining the gold standard for specialty coffee. A distinctive, sublime yet intense flavor profile, carried by noble, tea-like florality and crisp, fruity citric acidity, combines to create a very elegant cup of coffee. This Gedeo Zone coffee also impresses us in comparison with excellent clarity and balance.

  • The Chelbesa Washing Station is managed by the Ethiopian coffee production company SNAP. Located at 2100 meters above sea level, it is the most important of two stations the company operates in the Gedeo Zone. Covering an area of 1240 hectares, the Washing station buys coffee cherries from around 615 local coffee producers, whose farms are generally 0.5 to 2 hectares in size and are located between 1925 and 2110 meters above sea level. Due to the strategic location of the station, the delivery time for the harvested coffee cherries is minimal, averaging less than 40 minutes. Station Manager Girum Assefa oversees the operation and ensures efficient coffee processing.

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