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    The Zanya is back and this year we are very happy about a washed coffee from Vietnam!

    At a glance

    • Taste: Fruity, clean, sweet
    • Flavours filter: apple, currant
    • Flavours Espresso: Almond, Nectarine
    • Process: Double Washed
    • Variety: Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Tipica
    • Origin: Dalat, Langbiang, Vietnam
    • Importer: Cumpa, Germany

    Harvest: 11.21 - 02.22


    For the second year in a row, we are proud to present a coffee from Vietnam! With the Zanya, we take a look behind the bare figures of Vietnam as a coffee country and discover what exciting flavour profiles Vietnamese coffee farmers have to offer. The Zanya has little in common with the harsh and strong flavour profile you know from Vietnamese Robustas. Instead, the coffee scores with a wonderful sweetness and a clear acidity that give the coffee a great balance. 

The coffee contains four varieties (Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon and Tipica), which were processed in the Kenyan double-washed process. This produces a great sweetness that nevertheless brings out clear flavours such as blackcurrant and apple. 
To achieve this, the cherry is first de-pulped and fermented for 36 hours. After that, they are completely cleaned and submitted to cold water for 24h. Subsequently, they are dried for about two weeks. The beans are left with the parchment skin and then continue to ripen in the closed bag for about 2 months. The parchment skin is then removed and the beans are re-selected by hand one last time. You can find more information about Zanya in particular and Vietnamese coffees in general in our Blogartikel.


    The Zanya was produced by Marian Takac and his wife Jan Lim in Langbiang near Dalat in Vietnam. Unlike the rest of the country, the region around Dalat grows a relatively large amount of Arabica coffee. Lim's family, who belong to the K'ho ethnic minority, has been growing coffee in the highlands of Dalat for generations. In recent years, Marian has acquired skills in processing the family's coffees, taking the quality to a whole new level - clear flavour profiles with velvety notes make his coffees extremely exciting. For this year's Zanya, he used a processing method that is otherwise cultivated in this form mainly in Kenya. We were able to secure this exciting coffee through the importer Cumpa, which maintains direct relations with the Zanya cooperative.

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