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Coffee Grinder Comandante C40 Nitro Blade


    The COMANDANTE C40 coffee grinder is the best hand grinder available. NITRO BLADE is the ultimate grinder for specialty coffee enthusiasts. Handmade in Germany.

    Developed by experienced coffee technicians and engineers from high-quality materials: ball bearing grinder made of stainless steel, glass for the collecting container, BPA-free plastic without plasticisers for the grinder suspension and solid oak wood for the grinder surface and knob.

    Fine adjustability of the grinding levels is ensured by over 35 levels, which can be precisely set with three fingertips via a click mechanism. This allows you to achieve precise grinding results for different brewing methods, from powder-fine coffee powder for a mocha to grainy coffee grounds for filter or French press.

    The coffee grinder has more than 35 settings.

    The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade coffee grinder is the perfect hand grinder for grinding our Specialty Coffee.


    The Coffee Grinder COMANDANTE C40 NITRO BLADE:

    • Ergonomic handling, smooth-running & low-friction

    • Chemically neutral and stainless steel grinder

    • Stainless steel axle with two stainless steel ball bearings

    • Grinding degree adjuster with simple click mechanism

    • Glass container with lid and 40g capacity

    • Surface and crank knob made of 100% oak

    • Sustainable, safe materials without plasticizers

    • Low-maintenance and easy to clean

    • Popular with barista professionals, also suitable for espresso

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