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Hario V60 Glass DRIPPER


    The Hario V60 Dripper in glass is the optimal coffee maker for the coffee ground:

    • full variety of flavours due to long, even extraction
    • .
    • clear cup profile through the filtering process
    • .
    • appealing design from Japan
    • temperature resistant and dishwasher safe
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    The coffee filter holder by Hario is available in size 01 for 1-2 cups and in size 02 for 1-4 cups. To match, we have the Hario V60 filter in both sizes in our range. 


    The Hario V60 Dripper explains its distinctive shape and special function already by its name, it is a V-shaped cone with a 60 degree inclination. Due to the steep angle of inclination and the large bottom opening, the coffee flow does not jam. The matching Hario V60 filters are not only perfectly adapted to the shape, but also particularly strong to withstand the increased pressure of water and coffee. The inside of the filter also has specially curved grooves with wide gaps that support a constant circulation of the water so that the coffee keeps moving during brewing. The long and even extraction allows you to enjoy the full range of flavours and a clear cup profile.



    Hario combines Japanese technology with appealing design. Our range also includes a whole series of products from Hario.

    The Hario dripper.

    By the way, the glass dripper also fits the glass carafe of the Hario V60 Set. We also have the Hario Coffee Grinder Mini-Slim Pro for freshly ground coffee and the Digital Scale Hario V60 Drip Scale in our online shop for perfect preparation.

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