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COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION - free worldwide shipping

    Our Coffee Subscription

    Update: We now send our coffee subscription with the current coffee of the month directly after it has been concluded. After that, you will receive your coffee subscription every four weeks - the following time on the same day next month. 

    Our coffee for the month of March:
    Filter & Espresso: Musumba - Burundi

    We take you on our journey through the world of speciality coffee and send you a coffee every month that particularly impresses us. Let yourself be surprised by the variety of our specialty coffees! You don't even have to be at home to receive the delivery: The coffee subscription lands directly in your letterbox every month! Whether Berlin or Munich, Amsterdam or Singapore - we send our coffee subscription not only in Germany, but even worldwide free of shipping costs!


    • We send your coffee subscription directly after receipt of order for the 1st time with the current coffee of the month. After that you will receive your coffee subscription every 4 weeks
    • Every month a changing and exciting coffee (250 g)
    • No additional shipping costs at home and abroad!
    • At least three deliveries - after that you can cancel your coffee subscription at any time

    More information

    We also offer our coffee subscription as a prepaid version for a limited time - ideal for gifting. 

    If you want to get a specific coffee on a regular basis, we also offer this option with our coffees on subscription.

    Incl. VAT plus shipping. Free international shipping available. Delivery time: depending on your location.