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Hoppenworth & Ploch Suppliers

Green coffee dealers:

Currently we work with the following green coffee dealers. In addition, you can find out which traders we have sourced the coffees from on the product page of the individual coffees.

Long Miles Coffee Project, Burundi

Rehm & Co, Hamburg, Germany

Cuprima, Antwerp, Belgium

Cafe Imports Europe, Berlin, Germany

Finca's Finest, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Mercanta Limited, London, United Kingdom

Falcon Coffees Limited, Lewes, United Kingdom

Interamerican Coffee GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

The Guat Lab by TTCo Exports, Guatemala

List + Beisler GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

The Coffee Quest, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cumpa GmbH, Herrenberg, Germany

Cultivar Coffee, Netherlands

Trabocca, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Belco SA, Mérignac, France

Latorre & Dutch Europe, Sydney, Australia

Colombian Spirits, G&T Trading GmbH, Fulda, Germany

This Side Up Coffee, TSUTRADE BV, Netherlands

Boillat Reserve, Basel, Switzerland


Milk: Weidenhof

Bakery Supply: Lubeca, Jung & Schmitt, Hüttenthal Dairy, Lindner Food

Cake: Homemade with <3


Best Brew




Craft Coffee Gear

Ceramics by Leramics

Roasting machine by Giesen Coffee Roasters

Eco-electricity and gas from Polarstern

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