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    Our certified organic espresso

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    Chocolate, marzipan, fruit. Lots of sweetness, little acidity.

    Certified organic espresso:
    from non-EU agriculture
    [Peru, India, Honduras]


    Dark espressos often go in a rather classic, tart direction and rarely are fruity flavours to be tasted. So we thought: why should we? Let's just do it! And after some tasting, we came up with our organic espresso blend! Our chocolaty, fruity, certified organic representative in the dark espresso line, made from 100% organically grown green coffees. Developed for lovers of classic roasts, and especially suitable for fully automatic and portafilter machines. In addition to the classic espresso blend, we have created a second all-rounder that is easy to handle and very balanced in taste, with a subtle fruity note. We owe the fruity note in this blend to the Honduran Natural, which brings with it the taste of berries and wild berries. The base in this blend is a washed coffee from Peru and the special kick is brought by the washed Indian Robusta! Have fun brewing our organic espresso! 


      This organic espresso contains:

    • washed coffee from Lonya Grande - Amazonas Department (Peru) - Importer: Rehm & Co.
    • Washed Indian highland canephora (Robusta) - Importer: InterAmerican Coffee
    • Natural processed Arabica from Honduras - Importer: Rehm & Co.


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