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Simplify Brewer

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Easy pour-over brewing with this innovative dripper from Japan

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  • There are few things more exciting than the moment you get to test a new product! We were given the opportunity by Ryo from Bathtub Coffee in Japan to test his dripper, the "Simplify Brewer" and we are thrilled!

    The Simplify Brewer made of Trogamid® reduces the effort of brewing a pour-over to a minimum. With the Symplify Brewer you can easily brew 1-4 cups.

    • Quick and simple preparation of excellent coffees
    • clean cup profile through the filtering process
    • innovative design from Japan
    • temperature resistant and dishwasher safe

    You can find the Kalita 185 filter papers to match the Simplify Brewer here!

  • The Simplify Brewer was born out of the need to simplify pourover brewing. The special design makes even the simplest recipe very successful. The core of the idea is the very large opening at the bottom of the brewer - this allows the brewer to achieve a very high flow rate, so that a very fine grind can be selected. In addition, there are few points of contact between the filter paper and the Simplify Brewer, which has a favourable effect on temperature stability. But of course, the same applies here: Anything goes! If you enjoy experimenting, you can also try out completely different recipes with the Simplify Brewer - there are no limits to your creativity. Have fun trying it out!

  • Ryo John Ito is the founder of Bathtub Coffee, the company behind the Simplify Brewer.

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