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    At a glance

    • Taste: Fruity, sweet
    • Flavours: blackberry, sugar cane
    • Process: Washed
      Sugar Cane Decaf
    • Variety: Castillo
    • Origin: Quindio, Colombia

    Harvest: 08.2021


    Not your regular Decaf: La Cristalina is a decaffeinated coffee that doesn't have to hide and shows you how good Decaf can taste. Thanks to the gentle and natural sugar cane decaffeination process, the coffee retains many of its aromas. In this process, the processed coffee beans are first steamed with water to open the pores. Then the solvent ethyl acetate is used - a naturally occurring and harmless substance obtained from the abundant sugar cane native to Colombia. The beans are bathed in this solvent, mixed with water, until all the caffeine has been dissolved out. The natural flavour aromas of the coffee are thus almost completely preserved. So we get to enjoy this special decaf with exciting notes of blackberry and sugar cane.



    The La Cristalina farm is located in the west of Colombia in the Quindio region. The Grajales family has been growing coffee here since 1885 and has made a name for itself in the specialty coffee industry. Due to extreme altitudes of up to 2000m and a very suitable climate for coffee cultivation, they produce first-class coffees. Our lot of La Cristalina came to us through the importer Colombian Spirits. Colombian Spirits focuses on specialty coffee from Colombia, which they buy directly from the farmers and pay at least 50% more than the market price. There is also a connection to Germany, as this is where the importer is based. The connection is particularly direct in the case of our La Cristalina: the founder of Colombian Spirits, Maria Mercedes Grajales, belongs to the third generation of the Grajales family, which is involved in coffee cultivation and thus makes this coffee from Colombia something special.

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