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ESPRESSO CLASSICS (Sertao, Lambari, Natural Blend)

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    Our Espresso Classics Bundle combines three of our signature espressos into a perfect bundle for connoisseurs of high-quality coffees!

    • 3x250g or 3x1Kg espresso at a special price
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    • Process: Natural
    • Origin: Brazil (Sertao, Lambari), Brazil and Ethiopia (Natural Blend)
    • Natural Blend: Certified organic coffee (DE-ÖKO-039) from non-EU agriculture
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    The Sertao has been the espresso we serve in our cafés in Frankfurt for several years. We really appreciate its versatility and consistently good quality. The coffee delights us from harvest to harvest with a great nutty, chocolaty body and a very nice sweetness that comes through beautifully both as an espresso and in milk drinks. As a more classic espresso, but still roasted in a light Specialty Coffee style, the Sertao finds wide approval among coffee drinkers.
    The Lambari is our classic espresso. Roasted slightly darker for even less acidity and with a focus on roasted flavors. The classic Pulped Natural process provides plenty of sweetness in the cup, excellently brought out by the darker roast. It asserts itself super in milk drinks and tastes tart, chocolaty - classic!

    Natural Blend
    With the Natural Blend, we want to emphasize the strengths of naturally prepared coffees in espresso. By drying Naturals are often quite sweet and grad in the preparation with pressure and in combination with milk or milk alternatives, this sweetness comes out very well. We wish a lot of fun with our coffee when trying out in the portafilter, Vollautematen or the stovetop pot.


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