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Fellow Stagg EKG

    This is what we love about the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle:

    • Accurate temperature control that makes brewing all types of coffee and tea easy
    • Control through the gooseneck
    • Keep an eye on the brewing time with the stopwatch
    • And the elegant and modern design!


    • Practical capacity of 900 ml
    • minimalist and elegant design
    • Variable temperature control between 57 and 100 degrees Celsius
    • LCD display shows desired and current temperature
    • HOLD mode keeps the temperature stable for up to 60 minutes
    • After 15 minutes, the standby mode is automatically set
    • Once the brewing time is reached, the timer on the display can be used.
    • Dimensions: 29.2 cm x 17.1 cm x 20.3 cm.
    • 220V, EU Plug

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