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    At a glance

    • Taste: Clean, floral
    • Flavours: orange blossom, Darjeeling (filter)
    • Cashew, orange (espresso).
    • Process: washed
    • Growing height: 1450 - 1550masl
    • Variety: Caturra, Catuai
    • Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
    • Importer: The GuatLab / Truth Trading Company, Guatemala

    Harvest: 01 - 04.21


    The Santa Isabel convinces with a pleasant sweetness, a clear character and aromas that remind us of orange blossom and Darjeeling. So if you are looking for a clean and floral coffee with fruity hints, you will find it in the Santa Isabel.

    As a filter coffee, the coffee goes in a tea direction and is very easy to drink.
    As an espresso, light nutty notes come to the fore, reminding us of roasted cashews. Nevertheless, the character of a washed coffee with orange and an exciting acidity also comes out well here. 


    Finca Santa Isabel is located in the Antigua region in southern Guatemala, which is known for high-quality coffee. The volcanic soils of the region have a high mineral content, which gives the coffee its balance and distinctive flavours.
In recent years, Karen Hernandez has taken over the management of the finca from her father Don Adolfo. For the direct marketing of her coffee, Karen Hernandez works together with the exporter "The GuatLab". 
Behind The Guat Lab are Mario Alarcon and Christian Starry, two producers and exporters who work side by side with producers in all parts of Guatemala to help them market their coffees. Unlike most exporters, they work as service providers and offer 100% price transparency to their partners. The company has developed a model that provides a fixed fee for export services and fair prices that are discussed with (and not imposed on) the farmers.

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