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    At a glance

    • Taste: Lots of body and sweetness, exotic fruits
    • Flavours: Blackberry, pineapple (filter), cherry, speculoos (espresso)
    • Process: Natural
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Origin:  Gicumbi District, Northern Province
    • Importer: InterAmerican Coffee, Hamburg, Germany

    Harvest: 07. - 09.2021


    The Nova fits seamlessly into our range of naturals from East Africa. It impresses with a lot of body and sweetness, which make the coffee very easy to handle both as a filter and in espresso drinks. As a filter coffee, the Nova reminds us of blackberry and pineapple, as well as exotic fruits like mango. And as an espresso, the coffee also knows how to convince with slightly darker notes like cherry and speculoos. 


    The Nova Coffee processing station is located in northern Rwanda and is run exclusively by local farmers* who take over every step of the processing process. 

    Nova Coffee was founded in 2015 as a family business. Owner Agnes Mukamushinja and her husband, Managing Director Felix Hitayezu, have been in the coffee industry for more than 25 years. They have created a coffee company that is at the forefront of social responsibility in Rwanda.
    Since 2015, they have involved more than 2,800 local farmers* and are mindful of ethical and socially responsible practices throughout the company. Through and with their work in coffee, they are committed to gender equity, education and health in their community.

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