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    Together with professional cyclist John Degenkolb, we have developed a special coffee bearing his signature and named after the Paris-Roubaix cycling race. The light espresso / café crème tastes really delicious in any portafilter, fully automatic machine and stovetop pot.

    The Signature Espresso is available only online and for every pack sold 1 € will be donated to the Ami de Paris-Roubaix for the preservation of the cycling classic. 


    John has been coming to our shops for a long time to buy his coffee beans for his portafilter machine, and now we have developed a special coffee together with him. Here again directly in John's words:
    "Everyone knows how much I love a good espresso. For me, some of the best have always come from my regular dealers in Frankfurt, Hoppenwoth & Ploch. So it's even more exciting that I now had the chance to roast my own John Degenkolb Paris Roubaix Signature Espresso with them. It's light, it has a nice crema, it tastes - I promise - great, and what's more: 


    With it, you are not only supporting a local Frankfurt company that also thinks about the farmers who grow the beans. But also my friends from the Amis de Paris Roubaix. Because 1 euro goes directly to preserving the legendary pavées of my favourite Paris Roubaix race."
    John Degenkolb
    April 2020

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