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Universal descaler for filter machines

    Cleaning the filter coffee machine is important so that the coffee really tastes good. The Durgol descaler is very suitable for the Moccamaster and should be used after approx. 100 brewing processes (one pack of filter paper).

    The application is quite simple: Fill 1-2 cups of descaler with 2-3 cups of tap water into the water tank and let it run through. Then rinse several times with water. Please refer to the operating instructions for your appliance.

    General information:

    Always use Durgol Universal cold in combination with metals (exception: coffee machines). Do not use in combination with other cleaning products. Avoid contact of Durgol with acid-sensitive materials e.g. marble, lime-based stone, certain types of chrome steel, thin/defective chrome plating, enamel, silver, as these may be attacked. When pouring away the used descaling solution, rinse well with cold water. Keep away from children. Do not ingest. In case of contact with eyes or skin, immediately rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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