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    At a glance

    The espresso we delight our café customers with every day!

    • Taste: Lots of body and sweetness, little acidity
    • Flavours: Chocolate, nut and speculoos
    • Process: Natural
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Origin: Carmo de Minas, Brazil

    Harvest: 06 - 08.2021


    Sertao has been the espresso we serve in our cafés in Frankfurt for several years. We really appreciate its versatility and consistently good quality. The coffee delights us from harvest to harvest with a great nutty-chocolatey body and a very nice sweetness that comes through beautifully both as an espresso and in milk drinks. A more classic espresso, but still roasted in a bright Specialty Coffee style, the Sertao has a wide appeal among coffee drinkers*.


    For several years now, we have been thrilled by the green coffees that Nazareth Dias Perreira and her children and grandchildren grow in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. Our house coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,100m-1,450m and on an area of 330 hectares. Every year, between June and August, the coffee cherries of our Red Bourbon, as well as some other coffees that we have already had the pleasure of welcoming to our assortment, are harvested and then processed as natural. Our own Q-graders from the carmocoffees organisation evaluate the coffees directly on site.


    You can read more about sustainable coffee from Brazil on our blog >>


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