Tasting Seminar

    Welcome to our coffee tasting seminar in Frankfurt!

    This is about getting to know our palate as a tool for exploring coffee based on origin, harvest, preparation, roasting and brewing. On the one hand, the characteristics of different terroirs, but also general or more individual faults from the value chain will be highlighted. In a nice atmosphere, we will dive into the world of coffee together.

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    • Basic coffee knowledge: How coffee is distinguished and prepared from its raw form.
    • Sensory & Perception: How you can use your sense of taste to evaluate coffee in terms of the following areas:
      • Processing/drying methods and terroir
      • .
      • Different roasts and green coffee quality
      • .
      • Degrees of extraction


    Our coffee tasting seminar takes place in our roastery at Länderweg 21 in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen and lasts approx. 2 ½ hours.

    If you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to email us at seminare@hoppenworth-ploch.de. Please be so kind as to include your phone number as soon as you have booked a seminar, so that we can contact you in case of last-minute changes!

    Covid Info

    We have resumed our seminar programme and are very happy to welcome you in our seminar location! Of course, we still focus on increased hygiene measures for our seminars so that all participants and trainers can feel comfortable. If you don't want to or can't attend a seminar at the moment, we are still happy if you purchase a voucher for a later date.

    All participants who unfortunately had to cancel the seminar should already have received new date suggestions by email. So please check your spam folder again or feel free to send an email to seminare@hoppenworth-ploch.de

    If there is no suitable date for you, please send us an email to seminare@hoppenworth-ploch.de with the subject "Waiting list" and we will inform you as soon as new places are available.

    We look forward to seeing you, stay well! Your Hoppenworth&Ploch Team.

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