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Roast degree
  • Filter Coffee: Our lightest roast. Maximum complexity, no roasted aromas. Ideal for all filter preparations.
  • Light Espresso: Focus is on complexity & aroma. Lively acidity, little roasted aromas. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
  • Dark Espresso: Focus is on balance & body. Low acidity, classic roast. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
Grind size

We are happy to ship our Specialty Coffee as whole beans. If you need the coffee ground, please select the appropriate grind (filter, Aeropress, French Press, portafilter, stovetop pot). If your desired grind is not displayed, please write us a comment.

Our most classic espresso!

  • Name and design have changed - the taste remains the same! Developed for gastronomy, office and the classic espresso at home. The ESPRESSO BLEND (formerly Silver Blend) in the new, CO2-neutral and aluminium-free packaging!

    The Espresso Blend is our all-rounder and is particularly easy to handle because it does not contain any acidic green coffees. We have put a lot of choice into our green coffees, because only when we combine the right coffees with each other do we end up with something as delicious as our Espresso Blend. The basis of our classic blend is a Natural from Brazil, which forms the basic taste of a creamy and classic espresso blend. You've wondered why this espresso has such an incredible crema - yes, that's what our washed Robusta from India does. Robusta tends to have more caffeine than Arabica, provides a beautiful crema and is easy to handle. The flavour profile of a Robusta is usually less pronounced than that of an Arabica, so we've added another coffee to give the blend that extra something special: a washed coffee from Peru! This brings slightly floral notes to the blend. That sounds really delicious - we wish you a lot of pleasure with our espresso blend, both with your portafilter machine, the fully automatic machine or stovetop pot you can celebrate quick successes and prepare a really delicious espresso!

  • This espresso includes:

    • Naturally processed Arabica coffee beans from Brazil (Santos) - Importer: InterAmerican Coffee.
    • Washed highland canephora (robusta) coffee beans from Elk Hill plantation in Kerala (India) - Importer: InterAmerican Coffee
    • Washed coffee from Lonya Grande - Amazon Department (Peru) - Importer: Rehm & Co.
  • Try our other espresso blends, the rather lighter Bio Café Crème and the darker Bio Espresso.

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