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Brewista Smart Scale II

    The Brewista Smart Scale 2 ensures the optimum brewing ratio at all times:

    - Auto tare function and timer


    - Water-repellent scale

    - Precision from 0.1g to 2kg


    - Also suitable as a kitchen scale

    - Includes adhesive silicone pad and weighing pan

    - Easily rechargeable via USB cable


    The compact and water-resistant scale fits snugly on the drip tray under the portafilter of the espresso machine. Simply place the cup on top, the Brewista precision scale tares the weight automatically depending on the selected mode as does starting the timer. In fully manual mode the user tares and starts the timer himself by pressing the corresponding buttons. For espresso, different modes are available with auto-tare and auto-timer with instant timer start, with manual timer start or without timer. There is also a mode for filter coffee (e.g. with the Hario V60 Set) with auto-tare, after the coffee powder has been poured in, it is tared again, then when the water is poured in, the timer starts counting automatically.


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