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    Now certified organic! Our Natural Blend is a blend of a naturally processed coffee from Brazil and a naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia. Both are classic representatives of their respective terroirs and impress with lots of sweetness! This 100% Arabica blend convinces with notes of chocolate and wild berry.

    • Taste: Sweet, chocolaty espresso blend
    • Flavours: Chocolate, wild berry
    • Process: Natural.

    Certified organic coffee:
    from non-EU agriculture
    [Brazil & Ethiopia]


    Creating a blend is always an exciting challenge for us. We want to showcase the strengths of each origin while creating a coffee blend that combines the coffees' distinctive characteristics. Blends often have the advantage of being easier to handle than single-origin coffees, as one coffee can compensate for what the other may lack. With the Natural Blend, we want to emphasise the strengths of naturally processed coffees in espresso. Due to the drying process, naturals are often quite sweet, and when prepared under pressure and in combination with milk or milk alternatives, this sweetness comes out very well. We hope you enjoy our coffee when trying it out in a fully automatic machine, a portafilter or a stovetop jug.



    Our Natural Blend combines two of the most iconic origins of specialty coffee: Ethiopia and Brazil. The Ethiopian portion of this coffee comes from the renowned Tega Tula Farm in Ethiopia. Since 2000, Tega & Tula Farm Agro has been growing, processing and exporting some of the best coffee in Ethiopia. They strive to produce high quality coffee on an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and community friendly farm. Despite being one of the youngest coffee farms in Ethiopia, they use the most advanced farming and harvesting techniques to plant, produce and deliver excellent coffee. The farm is located in the heart of Kaffa (Kaffa Zone Gembo Woreda), in the centre of the natural forest area where Arabica coffee originates. 
The Brazilian counterpart to our Natural Blend comes from the Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima, located in the Triangulo Mineiro, in the famous Cerrado region. Coffees from this area are often described as some of the best that Brazil has to offer. The dark red soil typical of the region makes for an excellent cup. This farm produces only 100% organic coffee. The coffee trees are closely monitored by a full-time agricultural engineer to ensure consistency and quality. Ricardo Aguiar Resende, a third-generation coffee farmer, manages the farm's production, marketing and social projects together with his wife Gisele.

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