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Roast degree
  • Filter Coffee: Our lightest roast. Maximum complexity, no roasted aromas. Ideal for all filter preparations.
  • Light Espresso: Focus is on complexity & aroma. Lively acidity, little roasted aromas. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
  • Dark Espresso: Focus is on balance & body. Low acidity, classic roast. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
Grind size

We are happy to ship our Specialty Coffee as whole beans. If you need the coffee ground, please select the appropriate grind (filter, Aeropress, French Press, portafilter, stovetop pot). If your desired grind is not displayed, please write us a comment.

  • Now certified organic! Our Natural Blend is a blend of a naturally processed coffee from Brazil and a naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia. Both are classic representatives of their respective terroirs and impress with lots of sweetness! This 100% Arabica blend convinces with notes of chocolate and wild berry.

    • Taste: Sweet, chocolaty espresso blend
    • Flavours: Chocolate, wild berry
    • Process: Natural.
    • Origin: Fazenda Dutra (Brazil) / Kayon Mountain Farm (Ethiopia)
    • Importers: InterAmerican Coffee / Cafe Imports Europe

    Certified organic coffee:
    from non-EU agriculture
    [Brazil & Ethiopia]

  • Creating a blend is always an exciting challenge for us. We want to show the strengths of the respective origins and at the same time create a coffee blend that combines the special characteristics of the coffees. Blends often have the advantage of being easier to handle than single-origin coffees, as one coffee can compensate for what the other may lack. With the Natural Blend, we want to emphasise the strengths of naturally processed coffees in espresso. Due to the drying process, naturals are often quite sweet, and when prepared under pressure and in combination with milk or milk alternatives, this sweetness comes out very well. We hope you have fun with our coffee when trying it out in a fully automatic coffee machine, a portafilter or a stovetop jug.

  • Our Natural Blend combines two of the most iconic origins of specialty coffee: Ethiopia and Brazil. The Ethiopian portion of this coffee comes from the Kayon Mountain Farm in Ethiopia. The farm is located in the heart of Ethiopia's renowned coffee-growing region of Guji. The Brazilian counterpart to our Natural Blend comes from the Dutra farm. The farm is located in São João do Manhuaçu in Minas Gerais. Ednilson and Walter Dutra, two brothers, have divided the tasks, Ednilson is responsible for the economic aspects, Walter for production and PR. Their father started with one hectare of coffee cultivation, which has now grown to 500 hectares.

    More about the country of origin Brazil: Coffee from sustainable and fair cultivation - read on now >>

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