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Las Hortensias - Nicaragua

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Roast degree
  • Filter Coffee: Our lightest roast. Maximum complexity, no roasted aromas. Ideal for all filter preparations.
  • Light Espresso: Focus is on complexity & aroma. Lively acidity, little roasted aromas. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
  • Dark Espresso: Focus is on balance & body. Low acidity, classic roast. Ideal for all espresso preparations.
Grind size

We are happy to ship our Specialty Coffee as whole beans. If you need the coffee ground, please select the appropriate grind (filter, Aeropress, French Press, portafilter, stovetop pot). If your desired grind is not displayed, please write us a comment.

    • Aromas: Dried fig, Milk Chocolate (Filter); Apricot, Pecan nut (Espresso)
    • Process: Natural Anaerob
    • Variety: Marsellesa
    • Origin: Dipilto, Nicaragua
    • Importeur: Cafetos de Segovia

    Harvest: 01.23-04.23

  • Finca Las Hortensias is located in the Cordillera Dipilto mountain range. This anaerobically processed coffee, which has an intense sweetness, is produced there. The mountain range has an almost perfect climate for growing high-quality coffee. The interplay of terroir and flora results in a unique coffee that is brought to perfection through natural anaerobic processing.

  • Ana and Martha Albir's father bought Finca Las Hortensias in 1992 and his daughters took over the business in 2014. The finca is located in the heart of Dipilto, one of Nicaragua's best-known coffee regions with its own microclimate, which is very favorable for the production of top-quality coffee. Consequently, the region was awarded the first certificate for coffee with a designation of origin in Nicaragua a few years ago. The Albir family pays particular attention to protecting the environment and applying sustainable practices while delivering the highest possible quality. In 2020, these efforts led to 6th place in Nicaragua's prestigious Cup of Excellence competition.

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