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June 16, 2023 2 min read

 „We are producers of outstanding specialty coffee and handcrafted baked goods who seek to do an excellent job for all the stakeholders. The precondition for this is a kind and collaborative atmosphere. We invite our customers to be part of this culture by an open and welcoming interaction. All the while we desire to provoke excitement, curiosity and awareness towards our daily ambitions as well as the stories behind our products. This endeavor is enabled by the maximum possible transparency and implementation of the latest innovations, methods and products. We aim to significantly impact the food industry on its journey towards true sustainability.“

The above quote is taken from our Mission Statement. There, not too long ago, we laid down our principles of action - in equal parts for you, to get an impression of the standards by which we want to be measured, but also for us - to measure ourselves by our standards and to admonish ourselves to develop more and more future-proof.

We are committing ourselves to various courses of action here. Sustainability has been one of Hoppenworth & Ploch's core values since the beginning, and a drive for transparency goes hand in hand with that. When it comes to sustainability, we are very active and always looking for ways to make our actions more sustainable.

That's why, in collaboration with the agency Climate Partner we set to work and are pleased to announce that we can now publish a CO2 report for the first time! We first dedicated ourselves to an excerpt of Hoppenworth & Ploch, and prepared the CO2 footprint of our café in the new old town. We appreciate active interest and even more feedback - so have fun reading!