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    Our certified organic café crème

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    almonds, chocolate and apple

    Certified organic espresso:
    from non-EU agriculture


    We are quite excited about the versatility of this coffee! We enjoy it as an espresso with a hint of nuts, speculoos and chocolate, in Café Creme it comes along very lightly and a slight acidity can be experienced, and in milk drinks or oat milk drinks the Goldblend reminds us somewhat of a nougat cream.Our current organic café crème comes from the town of Jaltenango in the Mexican region of Chiapas. Our washed organic Café Crème is harvested and processed at a cultivation altitude of 1200-1500masl. The coffee is marketed under the brand name "Finca el Flamingo" in reference to the nature reserve with numerous flamingos near the farms. This coffee comes from various farmers who joined forces in 2011 to combine their strengths. You can expect a café crème with almond and caramel notes.


      This organic café crème contains:

    • washed coffee from Finca El Flamingo in Mexico


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