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Our Christmas Coffee 2023

Accompany Advent and the Christmas season with the right coffee!

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Christmas Prepaid Subscription

Give the gift of recurring joy!

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3 coffees from different countries & different processing methods

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The perfect gift for cyclists

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Questions regarding the Christmas Subscription

To ensure that the first version of the subscription arrives on Christmas Eve, we collect the gift subscription orders during the Advent period and fulfill them collectively on December 19. This way, we ensure that the subscription arrives close to Christmas - no matter how far in advance it was ordered!

Yes, we can do that too. In this case, all you have to do is tell us the follow-up address - either in the comments field of the order or by email to orders@hoppenworth-ploch.de! We will then change the address in the background.

Questions regarding fulfillment

In principle, we fulfill all orders that arrive in our online store by the morning on the next or same working day and hand over the shipments to the shipping service provider in the afternoon. Most parcels are delivered within one day, sometimes it takes two days. Please note that delays are common during the Christmas period due to the significantly increased shipping volume!

All orders that we have received by the evening of December 19th are within the time window within which DHL has assured us that they will be delivered on time within Germany. As far as international shipments are concerned, we unfortunately cannot guarantee anything and ask you to give us the appropriate lead time in case of doubt!