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You can also buy our value voucher if you do not yet know which seminar the recipient will choose. This can be used for the Barista course, the Coffee Tasting, the Latte Art seminar and the Roasting seminar . And if a seminar isn't the right thing after all, this can also be redeemed for barista accessories or Specialty Coffee in the online shop. There's something for every fragrant lover!

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Handwerklich gerösteter Spezialitätenkaffee, dazu Gebäck aus Teigen mit langen Reifezeiten, das ist eine Kombination, eigentlich sogar eine Beschreibung für den perfekten Sonntag. 
In unserem neuen Coffee & Brunch Seminar betrachten wir gemeinsam alles, was uns an gutem Kaffee fasziniert. 

Du hast zufällig neulich in einem Cafe einen spannenden Kaffeemoment erlebt —plötzlich nimmst Du Kaffee ganz anders wahr. Auf einmal denkst Du nicht mehr in schwarz und heiß, sondern in süß und fruchtig. Diese besonderen Momente könntest Du jeden Tag bei Dir zuhause erleben. Wir helfen Dir in unserem Coffee & Brunch Seminar dabei die nötigen Skills in lockerer Atmosphäre zu erarbeiten.

Hier gehts zu unserem neusten Seminar.

You are an ambitious (home) barista, dream of owning your own filter machine or already have one, want to start your own catering business or are simply interested in the art and variety of coffee and its preparation? Then this barista course is just right for you! We will dive into the world of coffee together in a pleasant atmosphere.

We also offer the barista seminar as a team training individually adapted to your needs. Please send your enquiries directly to seminare@hoppenworth-ploch.de


You are an ambitious (home) barista, your coffee skills are good but you want to perfect your drink preparation? Then we have the right offer for you with our latte art course! In a pleasant atmosphere, we will dive into the world of coffee together.

This is about getting to know our palate as a tool for exploring coffee based on origin, harvest, preparation, roasting and brewing. On the one hand, the characteristics of different terroirs, but also general or more individual faults from the value chain will be highlighted. In a nice atmosphere, we dive into the world of coffee together.

On the long journey of coffee, roasting is certainly one of the most fascinating stages that a coffee bean goes through. After all, green coffee is anything but tasty. Rather, it is a sweetish but unfinished raw material with enormous flavour potential. It is only the roasting process that releases this potential through a series of complex chemical reactions. Would you like to roast your own coffee and learn what you need to know? You always wanted to know what happens during coffee roasting? We give you the opportunity to explore exactly that in aseminar with the German Roasting Master 2018, Kilian Seger. This seminar is suitable for every home barista, coffee nerd, amateur roaster and those who simply want to learn more about the fascinating field of roasting.

Give a gift voucher (digital) for one of our Seminars to your loved ones. Afterwards, you can simply redeem it in our online shop. Simply add the desired seminar date to the shopping cart and enter the voucher code.

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